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Welcome to the website of My Sisters' Kitchen, a Darwin Community Arts project.
My Sisters' Kitchen is a fantastic and fun program of arts and cooking with women and children from all over the globe.
We meet every Monday in Chambers crescent Theatre in Malak Shopping Centre from 4.30pm - 6.30pm.

History of My Sisters' Kitchen by Bong Ramilo

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In January 2008, Josie Mesiku and I agreed to pursue the setting up of "The African Kitchen", a mobile catering business and cafe that would operate out of the former Pizza Parlor at Malak Shopping Centre. Josie was a Community Arts Organiser for Darwin Community Arts and an African community leader. Josie had been working with a group of African women on the project since 2007; she was happy to work with DCA jointly to progress the project. Josie and I inspected the shop and had initial discussions with Henry Yap, the Shopping Centre owner, who was supportive of the project.

Community Dinners

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Malak is located in the northern suburbs of Darwin in the Northern Territory. Recently arrived migrants and economically disadvantaged people often settle in this suburb and in the past racial tensions have caused conflict between African and Indigenous people resulting in crime and vandalism. Malak, however, has another face. One that other suburbs in the Top End only envy – Malak Community Dinners. Every last Monday of each month, 200 hundred people gather in a local theatre to celebrate cultural diversity, artistic creativity and community.

Interview with Sandar Tun on ABC radio

Sandar Tun, DCA's dedicated volunteer & community arts organiser, speaks about My Sisters' Kitchen and Burmese cuisine in the interview on ABC radio 105.7FM. Check out the attached audio file.

7:23 minutes (6.75 MB)

6 October

Chit Chit weaving.jpg

What could be more satisfying than weaving a rug from old material scraps, nails and frames sourced from hard rubbish?! We do love recycling and upcycling here at DCA. Thanks to Caroline we also leart how to knit materials scraps into beautiful bags. The women had all sorts of great techniques and ideas for weaving. We're on the hunt for some bigger frames to enable even bigger rugs to be woven.

September Community Dinner

Liam singing.jpg

Yet another lovely Community Dinner was had this month! We celebrated the opening of mental health week with some beautiful performers. The emerging singer/songwriter Phoebe wowed audiences with her powerful voice and singer Liam made my hair stand on end as he sung like an angel. Our favourite Irish dancing group Keltikka generously gave their time as did great MC Shel and Malak Jammers aka Still Crazy After All These Years. A huge thank you to the very brave Audrey who was able to confidently share with us a poem of her struggle with mental illness.

22 September


Yum Yum- we learnt how to make delicious scones 3 ways today. We broke into three teams- one cooking plain scones made with lemonade, one making savoury pizza wheel scones and the other making scones with dates. Thanks to our GIANT pizza oven our scones were done in a jiffy. Delicious! A huge thank you to Linda for sharing her secret scone recipes with us, and of course to Sandar and Yaqub for the delicious dahl.

15 September

Noras new gown.jpg

Another fantastic evening of MSK. Nora, Kamali and Than Than all made new outfits on the sewing machines. Mosaicing was also on offer today. Such wonderful things being created down in the arts shed. We're not looking forward to the wet season coming and washing us away!

8 September

pizza dough.JPG

Delicious banana muffins and vegetarian pizzas were baked today in our lovely pizza oven. The re-arrangement of the Undergound Art Shed is looking absolutely fabulous thanks to Shed volunteers Jeanice and Linda. Thanks ladies- the space is much more open, welcoming and functional!

1 September


Some beautiful longyi (Burmese cylindrical sarong type skirt worn by males and female) have been made over the past weeks. We are very grateful for the all beautiful materials which have been donated to the program by generous individuals. We're also working on sewing some bunting (flags) from hessian for Darwin City Council.

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My Sisters' Kitchen is a project of Darwin Community Arts.

My Sisters' Kitchen is made possible by the financial support of the Australian Government's Department of Immigration and Citizenship under the Settlement Grants Program.

Many thanks to those who have supported the program over the years. Special thanks to the Sidney Myer Foundation for their generous contribution towards this project in 2010 and to the Australian Government Diverse Australia Program for their support during 2009. 


The contents, information, advice and opinions expressed on this web site are not necessarily those of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Melaleuca Refugee Centre, and Darwin Community Arts.


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